A trolley that combines comfort and ease of use

The stroller trolley pursues simplicity, with a structure that is easy to use and hard to break. It can be used for a long time across siblings. Even those who have been doing maintenance for more than 10 years.

Smooth and stable running

Inspired by the technology of four-wheel independent suspension of automobiles, we have developed a dispersion damping mechanism that does not easily transmit vibration to the baby. The large wheels with a diameter of 30cm are suitable for various scenes such as steps and bumpy roads, and balance the riding comfort of the baby and the ease of pushing the mother.

Easy to use and safe

The brakes can be locked and unlocked simply by stepping on, improving driving ease. In addition, tires made of foam resin do not have to worry about puncture. Casters are not adopted to prevent the handle from being taken off on a small slope of the road, and the structure emphasizes safety.