Baby comfort

Being comfortable for the baby is of paramount importance.
The stroller has no tightening of the belt and there is no stress on the baby. Nothing will be right on the cozy side.

Spacious basket

The space is attractive enough to allow you to move around freely with your baby's desire to move. Turn over and hi-hi, of course, if you attach a "safe fence", you can get caught. Until the age of 2, two people can sleep side by side.

Flat bottom for great comfort

The stroller basket has a flat bottom so it can lie down firmly. The baby is not burdened and does not prevent sleep. Even if you go to sleep on the go, you can put it in your room without waking up the baby by using the "wheel cover".

Like a small children's room

It is very useful indoors as a place where your baby can rest assured. It's like a mobile children's room. I'm always happy to be surrounded by my favorite things and play near my mom.