Convenient for mom and dad

Of course, a baby stroller that is good not only for babies but also for moms and dads. Even twins and siblings can get on and carry a lot of shopping luggage. There are many ways to use it in your room. It's a wonderful ride that can do many things in one.

Can be used from birth to 3 years old

Because you can use it from newborn to about 3 years old, there is no need to replace it according to age, like type A and type B of a stroller. If you attach an optional "safety fence", you will be able to catch and stand, and you will develop a sense of balance.

Also as a crib or bouncer

A baby carriage that can be used for any purpose can be used as a substitute for cribs, cou fans and bouncers. Since one unit can do many functions, it can be said that it saves space as a result and is economically good.

Both gates and doors of the house can easily pass

Although it is a baby stroller that is concerned about its size, it is actually a size that can easily pass through automatic ticket gates at stations and doors of houses (maximum width 52 cm). The basket can be removed from the trolley, so it can be used properly depending on the application and can be loaded on the car carrier.