Trigger of communication

Communication with people that is important for baby's growth. A stroller creates a lot of smiles with not only moms and dads but also people on the road.

I can always see my mom ’s face

Unlike a stroller, where visibility is obstructed, the baby carriage has open visibility in all directions, so the baby can always see his favorite mom and feel safe. Moms can see what the baby is looking at and never miss a happy expression or a curious face.

A baby's smile helps

When you push the stroller, people around you can call and have a fun walk-I often hear such voices. The baby in the pram is always in a good mood, and when you look at it, you will feel happy. Conversation with nature is born and a chain of smiles occurs.

Many sharing experiences

During infancy, children deepen their learning while sharing and sympathizing with moms and dads. Even babies who can't speak yet, the baby feels a lot from the expressions and voices of the people around them and the passing landscape. Let's talk a lot while pointing at the same thing.