Baby carriage with the history of the representative family

We raised three children in baby carriages.
Childcare in strollers has already become mainstream, and the old-fashioned baby carriage in Showa has been very eye-catching.
I liked it, but at first I was a bit embarrassed.
But when you push the stroller, people on the way look into your smile and talk to you.
Children can sit down, play around, watch around, or fall asleep if they want to sleep.
Based on such happy childcare experience, I have been developing for three years since I wanted to make a more stylish and easy-to-use baby carriage.
After repeated trials and prototypes, our baby stroller "PSPUS" was finally made as a product.
For the past 26 years, we have been proposing ways to improve the modern way of childcare and the relationship between babies and families through baby carriages.