If the X knitting part breaks
Please contact us first.
One to three folds will not cause any structural problems, but we recommend repairing the rattan fiber as it may cause injury. We will send you a kit if you want to repair it yourself.
When requesting repairs, please take them to the showroom or send them after packing.
* Shipping costs will be borne by the customer.
If you hear noise from the wheels
If noise is heard from the gap between the wheel and the axle, it can be improved by adding a commercially available lubricant. If you still hear the sound or the pressing feeling is different from the time of purchase, please contact us once.
If the mat is dirty
The mats can be washed.
If the hood gets dirty
Wash the hood after hand washing.
* Some colors may fade.
If you think it is a malfunction
Please contact us by phone or email.
Tel: 0120-085241