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Pusupusu (pram) ordering page

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  • If the Advance Purchase reservations, please fill out the "Early Bird 〇 months hope" in the comments section. Advance Purchase is only prepayment of bank transfer, there is no card payment. Discount amount, please check by ordering mail that is sent separately from the automatic reply mail.
  • "Luggage tray" is right now out of stock. The next will be in stock is around May 2020.
  • Please send it to Chofu headquarters dough of "custom hood". Production period is about one month. When you separate cover the hood requires a separate carriage.
  • Courier is the only cash-on-delivery dispatch. Recycled products and outlets products, card payment is not available.
  • The price is excluding tax display. The total amount, including consumption tax (10%) will be displayed after you select all the items.
  • Your order of optional accessories, a mailing cost depending on the size of a dispatch area and goods (the fence postage = 2,200 yen (including tax), curtains, wheel cover, sheets cover = 370 yen (tax included), and the like).
  • Your order, we accept even toll-free number 012008524.

Pusupusu Disney 2nd! (Alice in Wonderland)

Pusupusu Disney first series!  (Mickey Mouse)

Pusupusu Black Series

High-grade type of design has been unified to keynote the black. Vibration-absorbing material has been furnished to the bottom of the basket. Smart vehicle height is high in order to make the appearance (standard type than + 5cm), please note that it may be difficult loading depending on the type of passenger cars.

Pusupusu Standard Series

Elegant design with the white tones. Bogie of the vehicle height is about 41cm, making it to work out in most of the models (vehicle height up, such as cushioning material is optional).

Awning hood (hood).

● protects the baby from direct sunlight. You can also attached to any series of the truck.

Pusupusu candy series

This series does not have plating on the wheel, but it is sturdy because it uses strong AES resin to ultraviolet rays.


Mr. Hideto Kuroda (Shibuya DOGHOUSE) the finest version equipped with a leather hood of supervision.

Pusupusu optional accessories (common to all series)

Special version

※ 5cm high type height of the truck than the standard. Height = 165cm or more people, it is recommended, such as for those who wear high-heel shoes. However, depending on the type of automobile, it may be difficult loading the truck. Please be careful.
5,000 yen
· Fabric is required to be about 100 × 100cm. Silk, vinyl coating, such as a quilt can not be used.
· The design you would like to write notes, please send it to the production department (Yubinbango182-0016 Chofu, Tokyo saz-cho, 4-34-6.042-499-2071).
· And production period is about one month. In the case of the baby carriage and a separate cover, you will need a separate carriage.
16,000 yen

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