Product Information

-Pousse-Pousse BLACK-

pousse-pousse + Black

pousse-pousse + BLACK (130,000 yen. excluding tax, canopy sold separately)

Chic Pusupusu that, all unified in black.

Trolley handle basket spread Matt shock absorber, set-car sales have become 5cm higher than the standard type. (130,000 yen)

And height 45㎝ from the floor to the bottom of the basket.

- the wheels are two types of gold and silver. Gold 24-karat gold-plated, silver is using the chrome plating.

· Hood Please choose an option.


-Pousse-Pousse STANDARD-

Pusupusu / Standard

STANDARD GOLD (¥ 108,000) + Yuma-chan hood (18,000 yen)


· Truck, series that was unified with white, such as the handle.

- the wheels are two types of gold and silver. 24 gold-plated and chrome-plated, respectively.

· Trolley handle, basket, spread mat set (¥ 108,000)

And height 40.5㎝ from the floor to the bottom of the basket.

Hood Please choose an option.


-Pousse-Pousse CANDY-

Pusupusu candy

Pusupusu Candy (¥ 98,000) + gingham black hood (12,000 yen)

All-lightweight design of white.

· Trolley handle basket spread mat set (¥ 98,000)

And height 40.5㎝ from the floor to the bottom of the basket.

· Hood Please choose an option.



-Sunshade hood -


Race hood was restocked. Use France, the Sophie Hallette's lace satin off-white to base.

The company race, the British royal Catherine Princess beginning of, is a delicate and elegant race that has been adopted in various countries of the royal family and high brand of dress. (Because of the limited-order production Tokyo pram head office you may be asked for your time.)


Custom hood

Only the hood one in the world in your favorite fabric!

Fabric we bring and production costs 16,000 yen (lining of there, or if ribbon, if you put the blade, such as takes about 1,000 to 2,000 yen in addition.)

Hood design, two kinds of frills type and ring type (no frills).
• Required fabric ring type




• Required fabric-frills type 150㎝ -

Check, if the pattern match is required, such as stripe, please prepare 150㎝ from 130㎝.

 And type of fabric

Best cotton fabric. Silk, polyester, such as laminated dough can not be sewn.

 - The thickness of the fabric

Please keep in mind that it can not sewing that there is a No. 11 canvas or more of thickness.

In the case of thin cloth can be manufactured with a lining.

Fabric of destination: Chofu, Tokyo saz-cho 4-34-6 Co., Tokyo pram

Contact: 0120-085241



- Disney Design baby carriage -


To commemorate the Tokyo stroller its 25th anniversary, it is was in the "Mickey Mouse & Friends" theme "Disney design pram".

Textile fabric awning canopy is created in the original fabric was a sketch original to the original. Gold ring in the shape of Mickey Mouse is accented.

Disney design pram (¥ 175,000) (excluding tax)


Gold ring in the shape of Mickey Mouse


Original fabric based on a sketch original




Black Voyage

BLACK body set-cool joint + leather hood + Pouch 300,000 yen

Pusupusu Black Voyage (300,000 yen)
Using the finest tanned leather trimming of the hood. Pochette also attached. Pochette has become a specification that is also attached to the bicycle, as the children are grown, it deepens also taste of leather that has been well-thumbed.



The sign-up it is recommended that you obtain "Early Bird".

- 1 month ago, if you order before 3 months, from the total of the body, optional accessories, will be respectively 3% and 6% discount.

- if you order, so we will send you a statement after wrapping discount, please transfer on the check.


please note

- The payment is ordered and only prepayment by bank transfer.

- your order of optional accessories only is not applicable.

- it is a service of Tokyo pram head office only. From the order page of this site, or we are accepted by telephone or fax directly.

Toll-free number 0120085241 fax 042-499-2072



   – Dogs and Cats-


dog carry cart

Cart with a check of the hood to the basket using a cane to the base. The dog is an important family, firm ones of natural materials.



Basket of an inner diameter of 60cm × 29㎝ depth 30 cm

From the floor to the bottom of the basket height 30 cm

Of the rear wheel diameter 18㎝


Truck basket attached belt 40,000 yen (excluding tax)

Postage 2,000 yen (excluding tax)

Your order is available at the e-mail or telephone.