Optional Accessories

・Safety Fence

When the baby was Sitting begins to Standing caught, we'll put a safety fence. The baby began to stand on their own feet, it is what do not want to sit pretty. Stand! Joy that it will grow the baby.

Is a pipe of high intensity corresponding to the two-seater, such as twins Mr. and siblings. We are using the X-leg of the part of the truck.

It was in the safety fence curtain luggage tray three-piece set.

A set, is 25,000 yen.


It is a curtain attached to the inside of the basket in order to prevent the wind and dust.


· Wheel cover rain cover sheet cover

Wheel cover is intended to be able to use even in the outdoors indoors the Pusupusu.

Back from your walk, without causing the baby fell asleep, when it is placed in your room each Pusupusu, will cover only part of the tire so as not to contaminate the room.


- Quilt


- Insect repellent mat spread for the net exchange

The season of mosquitoes Protect your baby in the shade insect net.

Laid mat has been set to Pusupusu, but it is nice to have for the exchange. Solid cotton polyester it is wrapped in cotton of cotton.

· Vehicle height up

· Vehicle height to 5cm up.

Standard and candy (both white truck) the height of the truck from the floor is 37cm. By high 5cm, height of the handle is also up, the waist of the burden will also be reduced.

- Please tell us when ordering.

(Black type has been pre-vehicle height up.)

Vehicle height up (5,000 yen)

And shock-absorbing material

In order to further soft the impact felt by the baby, install the shock-absorbing gel material on the bottom of the basket. (¥ 3,240)

(Black is the type you Yes pre-installed.)