Recycled products

For recycled products, please from the Contact Us page


Pusupusu of recycled product is, the longer it takes to maintenance and cleaning.

Washed to decompose the truck, to replace the parts damaged, polishing wheels, to repair the basket, hood also cleaned with decomposition.

Sometimes it also repairs of the hood.


Therefore, because you may not be able to notice even if there is a recycled product on hand, please contact us by e-mail or telephone If you would like a recycled product.


Price of recycled products, since Depending on the state, such as the wheels (if any others are as cleanly polished and new, it's not a problem to travel, but there is also such as that old), about 55,000 yen - 85,000 please think about yen.

This difference in price is based also on the presence or absence of optional accessories. (Safety fence, things tray hood, etc.)


In addition to our recycled products, it offers a spread mat of all new.


It is often also the case to replace the tire with a new one.


For a new baby, we deliver clean and safe to reborn Pusupusu.