Product Specifications


Size refers to the image

Weight 12kg

- Age 0 years old (newborn) up to 3 years old

- load-bearing 30kg

And manufacturing Japan, Indonesia and Taiwan

Pusupusu the baby carriage of separate expressions. You can not folding, but you can gain to the car, remove the basket and handle.

Basket strike rolled over in the flat will start using from just of newborn born.

You can use it until about 3 years old if you stick a safety fence of the Standing caught.

It is largely seen Pusupusu, but it has been designed on the basis of the size of the A-type stroller.

Never to be having problems with your such as ticket gate and stroller area of ​​the station.



Basket woven from famous destinations Indonesia of rattan, and made the final finishing in one by one by hand in the Japanese factory. As hurt to the touch with a soft finger of the baby, we pay close attention.

There is space to move around freely is the baby in the basket, no matter where you are you do not have to be bound by the body.

In the chair type of stroller you want a limited field of vision to either of the front and rear direction, but since overlooking all the scenery around if Pusupusu, you can share the experience in parent and child.


· Truck

Design truck in pursuit of simplicity of Pusupusu. In unbreakable easy-to-use structure, it is safe even when you are a child of the underlying can be used longer.

Customers are using and the maintenance for more than 10 years Irasshaimasu.

Brake that can simply by lock and the release step on

Foam resin made of tire does not have to worry about punk.

Big wheel of the features of the Pusupusu has a diameter of 30cm. Corresponding to the various scenes, such as steps and bumpy road, it is the size of both the ride and push-friendliness of the mother of the baby.

The reason for not adopted the caster is because the cause is taken to handle even a small inclination of the road.

Stable running of the four-wheel will lead to peace of mind.

In order to absorb the large vibration, four of the pipe to support the whole it has received eight of rubber.

Absorption of small vibrations, cut in the charged shock-absorbing gel under the basket. (Black Series only standard equipment)