Why a pram?
I think it's the best way to "protect and raise your baby."

Wicker baskets are robust and flexible. It wraps the baby gently so that the egg shell protects the yolk. The sense of security and handmade taste unique to natural materials will relieve the viewer.
It looks very large, isn't it inconvenient?
The rattan basket has a large volume so it looks big, but in fact the floor space is the same as a regular A-type stroller. The width is 54cm, so you can easily pass ticket gates at stations and cash registers at supermarkets. The basket not only protects the child from dangerous things, but also provides a comfortable and comfortable space.
Where are you making it?
Baskets are knitted in Indonesia. Natural rattan has good ventilation and is suitable for hot and humid climates. All metal and plastic parts are domestic (except tires). We strive to make sustainable products, and with proper maintenance, we can reuse even those from 10 years ago.
Can it be folded?
It is not a folding type but a separate type. The basket, trolley and steering wheel are disassembled so that they can be loaded on passenger cars. You can place only the basket on the floor, or place the cart upright in the corner of the room. Folding the trolley is not adopted because finger scissors are likely to cause accidents.
How old can you use it?
It can be used as a crib in a room from a newborn baby. It is also used in obstetrics and gynecology clinics and midwives.
How old can I use it?
If you attach a safety frame for standing, you can use it until you are about 3 years old.
Can you take two people?
Since there is space for two people, more parents use it for twins. Along with this, the X-leg, which was an optional item until now, has been upgraded to a reinforced pipe, and from June 2018, it became a standard item. However, there is no SG standard for twins at present. We would like you to use up to 15 kg per person (30 kg for two people).
Would not it be dangerous to ride at the falling caught?
In that I am attaching the fence for the Standing caught you can be safe use would normally. However, because it is dangerous and you are or embarked forcibly climb, please use caution to keep an eye on children.
Why there is no seat belt?
As a result of the importance that the move freely because of the natural growth of the baby, making it a policy not to adopt seat belt.
Normal stroller of continuous use time is often what is recommended for a few hours, but not such a limitation by not adopting the seat belt, you can use it as a day-to-day whereabouts of the baby.
What about operability?
Pusps is not a caster type. For this reason, it is necessary to lift the front or rear wheels slightly to change the direction. This may seem inconvenient, but most users rate it as "getting used to it."
The caster type moves smoothly on flat floors such as department stores, but is easily affected by irregularities and slopes on the road surface in the city, so the direction of travel is difficult to determine and the movement tends to be unstable. On the other hand, the stroller has a sense of stability because the direction of pushing force and the direction of travel match.
Can you load it in a car?
If you separate the cart and the cart, you can load it on most car models. One box type, SUV, etc. can be loaded without any problem. However, there are cases where thick seats such as the Serena, the Prius with a low rear roof, and the Lexus with complex raised ridges may not work well. (If you come to the Nogizaka store by car, you can actually try it).

mixi's Tokyo stroller community has a topic called "I can load this car", and there are examples taken in the past, so I think it will be helpful.
Can I get on the train?
You can easily pass the ticket gate of the station, and you can get on the elevator without any problems. However, please avoid the time of commuting and going to school. I would like to see more vehicles for strollers and wheelchairs.
Can I put it on the Shinkansen?
The Shinkansen has a "wheelchair seat" that has a large space beside the seat in some vehicles. This is a priority seat for wheelchair users, but if you are vacant on the day of boarding, ordinary passengers can also make reservations.
For more information, please check at a green window.
Can I get on an airplane?

I can ride. At the airline counter, it is OK if you divide it into baskets, trolleys, steering wheels and give it to the staff. The baby carriage that you are used to is more convenient than the luggage carry in the airport to move through the large lobby.
Can I get on the bus?
In principle, it should be OK according to the barrier-free law, but in reality it is actually different depending on the bus company. Please contact the bus company of your route in advance.
Where can I see the actual item?
There is a Tokyo Ubaguruma’s showroom in Nogizaka.
In Tokyo, you can also see Roppongi's hakka kids, Daikanyama's Sweet Mommy, and in Osaka, Umeda Herbis's Ribbon hakka kids.
How do I place an order?
We accept online, telephone, fax, etc.
order from here.
Phone: 0120-085241
Fax: 03-6434-7942
Can I choose a payment method?
There are bank transfer, cash on delivery, card payment (up to 24 times).
You can also use Rakuten pay and paypay at Nogizaka branch.
Is there a discount service?
There is an early discount service. Bookings made one month ago are discounted by 3% of the total amount, bookings made three months ago are discounted by 6%.
* Payment will be made in advance by bank transfer.
* Orders for only optional items are not eligible.
How long does it take to receive my order?
Usually delivered in 1 week to 10 days.
What should I do if I stop using it?

Trade in. We repair and clean our products and provide them as recycled products.
About maintenance
Because "pusps are durable and durable", the number of cases in which they are transferred between friends and the number of cases where second-hand goods obtained through flea market apps or SNS are used recently are increasing. However, no matter how rugged, aging is inevitable. After 5 years, rust, abrasion, cracking, deformation, fatigue failure, loose screws, and other changes that are not apparent in appearance may occur.
Please contact us by telephone or email below for maintenance consultation to our company.
Tel: 0120-085241
E-mail: mail@babycar.co.jp
How do I send maintenance or trade-in products?
Turn the cart over and place the basket on it.
Turn the fence upside down and place it on top of the basket. (At this time, the fence will fall into the basket.) If you put the handle on it, it fits well (does not damage the basket). Handles and fences should be tied around key points to keep them from moving.
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