Notation related to specific commercial transactions

1. Distributor name
Tokyo Breast Car Co., Ltd.
2. Sales manager
President and CEO Takefumi Yokota
3. Location
4-34-6 Sazumachi, Tokyo 182-0016
4. TEL
5. E-mail
6. URL
7. Selling price of goods
Please refer to each product page.
8. Contents included in the product price
The product price includes consumption tax.
9. Necessary charges other than products
・ Shipping fee ①Small delivery:300 to 1700 yen (varies depending on the number of points, contents, and delivery destination)
② Regular flight:4500 yen ③ Limited express flight:8000 yen

・ Cash on delivery fee (only for those who wish to have cash on delivery)
①Cash on delivery amount:~ 9,999 yen/fee (tax included) 330 yen ②Cash on delivery amount:~ 29,999 yen/fee (tax included) 440 yen ③Cash on delivery amount:~ 99,999 yen/fee (tax included) 660 yen ④Cash on delivery amount:~ 300,000 yen/Fee (tax included) 1,100 yen * According to Yamato Transport's Takkyubin Collect charge rules.
10. Payment method
Credit card payment/cash on delivery
11. Payment time
・ For credit card payment--Payment will be made at the time of purchase. The billing date depends on each card company. In addition, if the"delivery date"of the product is one month or more ahead, the price may be withdrawn before the product arrives.
・ Cash on delivery--Payment will be made when the item is received.
12. Delivery time
We will ship within 10-14 business days from the date of your order.
13. Returns and exchanges
・ If you wish to return the delivered product, please return it within one week after arrival.
・ If we are responsible for defects or shipping mistakes--the return shipping fee will be borne by us.
・ In case of returned goods due to customer's circumstances--The return shipping fee will be borne by the customer.
It may also vary depending on the product.
14. Other
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.